The Bulldancer

Jim Fain, Photographer

I’m just a Rodeo Clown;

Fightin’ bulls and clowning around

With baggy pants and painted up face

It’s the bull or me to win this race.


I’m a cowboy’s lifesaver

To spare his life is my favor;

If he draws a bull that won’t spin

I try and turn him for a win.


The big-horned bulls I fight

Just to meet the crowd’s delight;

To play them close with a rib to spare

Whoosh—he missed me by a hair.


When a cowboy’s in trouble,

Got to move on the double

To turn the bull and pull a dally

Is why I’m there to make a rally.


I’m not only a Rodeo Clown

A medical-aide just being around,

I go and tend to the cowboy’s pain

‘Til he’s out of the arena and in the lane.


So at the rodeo if you see me there

You’ll know I’ll be most anywhere,

But in the costume I am sound

With heart and soul just clowning around.


©Bob Romer


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